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Respond to Every Call
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Kia Ora, I'm Zaïa

Healing is easy, it's about making space for life, and life thrives baby! Life is magical!

I am in service of life, love and magic, through healing, coaching and facilitating. My journey is blessed by 15 years of osteopathy, and 10 years of embodied spiritual practices, experiences and ceremonies.  

I am here for magic to be remembered, aliveness to be ignited, and ecstasy to be revealed.



Zaïa's water healing is the best of both world. It allows my mind to relax, my instincts to take over, and my body to move and take positions not possible on the table. Above all, it allows me to be more in touch with my vulnerability, recontacting the time I was in my mother's womb. It helps me connect with my flow and take care of it. A whole univers of fluidity and love...


Cuddle Therapist and Expansion Facilitator

Zaia’s ability to ground herself in the present moment as a facilitator is amazing! It allows her to feel what is alive, communicate clearly her intentions and adapt to the desires of the group or individuals as they arise. She is a master of authentic communication, boundaries and consent. She is always prepared with a journey that will shake you open, invite creation and connect you with your deepest desires. I love her.


Sacred Embodiment Facilitator

I feel completely bliss out after my session. Being gently lulled in warm waters by Zaïa's healing hands and soothing presence allowed me to deeply drop into vulnerability, unwinding in a way that felt womblike and profoundly peaceful. I am so grateful for the energy clearing and aligning that proceeded. Zaïa's shamanic sense and intuition is next level!



Health Strategist Physiotherapist

I met Zaïa only briefly but was hugely impacted by her strength and gentle presence. She has a freedom and care that puts one at ease. She immediately tuned into my emotions and energy with a healing sensitivity. Zaïa has a gift to helping people reconnect with their bodies and release its restrictions. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking help to help themselves.


Jaki GT
The Love Your Life Coach


Water healing is incredible. Being free of gravity and references, held with such love and neutrality (judgement free), allow the body and brain to unwind tensions. My lower back pain has improved and I feel more centered now. Thank you Zaïa

I feel light and luxuriant, at ease and in flow. I have a deep sense of certainty about the old issue I was focused on and so I achieved my outcome. While in the water, supported by Zaia I felt at first a sense of weightlessness and blissful restfulness, then as everything started to align, I experienced a physical lifting from my heart space upward and out.  As a result of the session I feel renewed and more powerful and aligned.  I now have a sense of release and awakening. If you are in any way curious about working with Zaia, I highly recommend that you trust that instinct, go with it and I'm confident that you too will enjoy where that leads you in your transformation.

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