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White Sand and Stone

Meet Zaïa


The ultimate magic happens here, beyond what we know, think, or see.

Something beyond the veil of our collective reality is available, where transformation and healing thrive!

Where we can shift and transcend our perception of reality as we know it.

This transcendence is calling us as much as we are calling it.  Answering the call is how we live our life!

Fully surrendering to the aliveness from our spirit, heart, and body, feeling it and going for it!

Yes, it is an epic ride! Practising our values! Embodying our values! 

Our journey is one of Empowerment, Freedom and Ecstasy,

In service to Life, Love and Magic!

Aliveness has called my name in many different mysterious ways so far,

career, countries, relationships, names, healing processes, workshops, festivals, ceremonies, ecstatic dances, etc 

Witnessing transformation and transcendence turns me on!

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