White Sand and Stone

My Story

My life is a love affair with magic!


I was born in France, practiced volley ball in sport and studies structures from age 12, injured my shoulder at 17, went to the osteopath for the first time and after the session, told my mom: ''Thats what I wanna do, I wanna be a magician!''

I graduated in osteopathy from England in 2007, got my first job in Quebec city (Canada), fell in love with the place and the culture. Discovered and embraced shamanism as my spirituality, incorporating it to my healing practice.

Spas lover, I started playing healer with my friends in the water and loved it, next level healing was in this direction for me, so it became a part of my practice, two days on table, two days in water. 

I landed in New Zealand in February 2020, answering the call at last. Circumstances locked me down in Tutukaka and eventually I started working in Whangarei.


You can find me at my office: Flow Space on Bank Street, or playing in the water, or ecstatically dancing on The Cosmic Dance Floor.